Get you one who cares

Am currently sitting in Costa enjoying a coffee and also my first voyage into the real world in 21 days.

So to keep myself occupied I have ventured onto Twitter to see what all the fabulous kinksters I follow are up to. And I'm seeing a lot of tweets with things like "Get you a girl who" usually ending in an activity your wife wouldn't do. And it made me feel quite sad. 

Before Daddy, I was in a relationship where I was in love but it was incredibly one sided. I done everything I could to make his life as easy and happy as I could, and only after we split did I realise how difficult he was actually making my life. 

A prime example being sex.

Did I enjoy my sex life? Yes I did. Although he was a self professed "one pump chump" he did make the effort to make sure I had at least 2 orgasms before he did. That was nice. He also tried to keep up with my nympho side bless him. But it's a running joke among my friends that I'm a unicorn for a reason. I'm not like the others and I'm hard to maintain. Being that i was so in love with him, i didn't let his inability to keep up bother me too much. You make allowances in relationships and that was something i could take care of on my own with my toy-box.

When I discovered I had a kinky side and wanted to explore that, I was shot down immediately. He wouldn't even consider some of the lighter aspects, such as spanking or pinning me to the bed. Unfortunately compromise was not something he was willing to do. I would dress up at his request to make him happy but a bitch cant get a spank? Nah that's not fair. So along we trotted, plain old vanilla sex that had become so routine, I could predict every move. It wasn't as fun as it used to be.

Last night I got a visit from Daddy. And absolutely nothing could be predicted.

I had in my head this plan that I was gonna tease him and make him cum. He had a long boring day at work and as his baby girl, i wanted to make him happy. In the end up though, I was the one cumming like a whore (as per usual) and I loved every wet second. He likes to explore with me and last night during the course of our play, I managed to cum simply from being spanked. An event that was completely unexpected and still the day after has me puzzled. 

I didn't even think that was possible, and yet it's another way in which Daddy has shown me he can take complete control of my body. Something as simple as spanking got me so worked up I couldn't help but cum. 

With Daddy he not only goes the extra mile to see what I like, he goes two towns over. And it blows my mind every time. I couldn't get my ex to spank me with expressed permission and yet Daddy caters to every need and even fills ones I didn't realise I had. He spends 95% of the time making sure I'm taken care of; orgasming, resting, aftercare, intimacy. Its all focused around me. That last 5% is all his and even then that's with me pushing - cause i love making him moan.

THAT is the type of person you need to get. Life is way to short to endure unhappiness. Especially if you do everything you can to make the person you are with happy, yet they cant even try to make you happy.

Get you a person like Daddy - who makes it his pleasure to make me happy and take care of me, which I turn makes me want to bend over backwards even further to make him happy. Together we take care of each other and I'm utterly devoted to him because of this.

I'm not under any circumstances condoning cheating. That's a horrible thing to do to someone. My point is if you truly love someone then you should do what you can to make them happy. Even if it's making their ass nice and red once in a while. 

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