When you know, You Know

Thinking I'm kinda done with this online dating crap now. I had 2 more dates set up before I even spoke to the viking so I felt kinda obligated to at least go on them. Which I was upfront and told him about.

My heart wasn't really in it though and while I think one kinda realised - out chats became more mundane rather than the discussing of life and films etc - and we both agreed to back out of the date. The other was so fucking dull that I spent the whole time wondering if I had a message from my viking and I ended up playing the mum card, claiming I needed to go back for my sitter.

I'm really not interested in anyone else right now which scares me a little cause I don't want get attached and then get hurt. I need to keep a level head and not get addicted to him. No matter how amazing me makes me feel.

We have spoke every day, practically all day since he first messaged me online and I wake up every morning and check my phone to see of he had messaged me - 9 times outta 10 he has and on the 1 time he hasn't it's cause I've woke up before him. I like that though, obviously I'm on his mind, which is cool cause he's definitely on mine.

I've seen him a couple of times now too and our first session wasn't a fluke. This man can do things to me that I can't explain. He makes me cum like a whore yet feel so beautiful and amazing about myself that i blush every time he smiles at me.

The more we interact the more out dynamic is shifting to. He calls me his baby girl and I refer to him as daddy - so we are taking on the DDlg roles. I like that it's happened organically and I feel like this would be good jumping off point for me in my learning about BDSM. The DDlg relationship has more elements of care in it than some other D/s relationships, so even if this just stays play, I feel like I can explore safely and in my own time here.

I know this feels right, just like I know there is something about Daddy (formally the viking) that feels right too.

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