Fooled around and fell in love

I've been seeing Daddy casually a lot more and the chatting has still been going strong. Video calls and phone calls have been making me miss him more and more. The whole time I've been with him in telling him not to get addicted to me ... I'm not a good person to fall in love with ... And I've only gone and fallen in love with him.

Ah fuck!

How can I work my head around this one. The whole point in my voyage into online dating was to just date. Something casual where I could get what I wanted and just continue life. Being in love gets you hurt and it's not fun for anyone. But with Daddy, I feel so relaxed and more willing to let him into the parts of my life I keep locked away from everyone.

It must be the trust element. It takes a lot for me to trust a person and yet in trusting him during our sessions, I've inadvertently let him in to the other parts of me.

I'm gonna need to be careful I think because he was clear from the get go that he wasn't looking for anything serious in his profile, which is why I answered his first ever message. Safety was built in.

This might be the end of our playtime if he realises that I've fallen in love with him.


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