Monster Kink

Since were deep in spooky season I thought I would share something I learned about recently – Teratophilia.

“Teratophilia refers to the sexual attraction to either monsters or to deformed people.” 

This is one of the reasons I love the kink community because they normalise the things which for years I grew up thinking was weird about having an attraction to. Which I my case is Vampires.

Now I am well aware that it is now mainstream to have a sexual thing about mythical creatures. I have a younger sister who was daft on Twilight, but I grew up on a whole other calibre of creature. 

My vampires weren’t sparkly and hanging out in high schools. Mine crossed oceans to find their soul mates or picked up victims from fair grounds and lived in caves, hung upside down to sleep and royally fucked with your head. They were brutal killing machines that were as far from romance novels as you could get. Yet me in my infinite weirdness were fascinated by them, and yes, sexually attracted.

The Lost Boys - 1987

Why? I’m not 100% sure. It might have been the danger element yes. I don’t have a blood kink so I can’t say that is a reason. For me they represented something powerful that was freeing. They did what they wanted and could take what they wanted, without real consequence or fear. Perhaps that was inviting to me as when I was younger everything I did had usually overreacted consequences. Perhaps it was the freedom they represented that I longed for. Or perhaps I have a strange fixation on dancing with death. Its all just guessing really. But I know that vampires are a kink of mine and one that I know for a fact is from childhood. Quite possibly my first ever kink.

Even to this day I hear “Cry little sister” by Sisters of Mercy and I get goosebumpy.I haven’t had a sexual interest in werewolves, but I do see them as protectors, and I can see how that has adapted to adult life. I often refer to people in terms of animals. I regularly call myself a bunny. I don’t know why but It just fits for me. In the same way that some relate to being a kitten, I see myself as a bunny. 

I think of Daddy as my big bear. Why? Cause he is my big teddy bear, but you cross him or attack me, and he’ll remove your head from your body. He’s my hairy protector and I love to snuggle into his fur (beard and chest) and I feel safe. Am I sexually attracted to a bear, absolutely not. But I can see the characteristics of a bear in Daddy and in primal play I can imagine that would be awesome. So, while I get that some people might see Werewolves as animals and therefore bring bestiality into it, I can see the other side too.

The great thing about life is that everyone can have kinks or fetishes for pretty much anything and that’s completely acceptable so long as it is both legal and consensual.

If you get off in vampires, demons, aliens or swamp things, then you do you lovely! Enjoy your kinky self!

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