Erotic Blog Posting Month

If you’re a fan of the blog, you’ll know I love a good prompt. They get you thinking and from there I usually come up with an idea or two I wanna try in the bedroom. 

During the summer I took part in the 31 days of kink and while reading other blogs I have discovered Erotic Journal Challenge over at Brigit Delaney's Dirty Laundry. 

For the month of November, she is doing a 30 Dirty Questions challenge which I am all for. So, over the month I am going to try and answer a question a day and see what creative juices come bubbling to the surface.While i'm hoping to get every day done, i'm doing this for fun so if I miss a day now and again, i'm not gonna be so hard on myself. 

You can follow along on all the question posts here …. And you can check out her blog post here where you can see other people people who have linked up.

Hope you enjoy and if you too are joining in, leave me a link to your blog in the comments so I can come have a read.

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