Teaser of submission

Yesterday Daddy and I had a magical few hours to our self. 

The teen went out with friends for a bit so Daddy and I got to be alone. It did start off with me being dragged by the hair and spanked for being a sneaky baby girl but I was all for it, and being finger fucked as I made food in the kitchen was well worth the nipping ass cheeks.

Turns out food was a good idea as Daddy proceeded to cuff me to the bed, blindfold me and tease the cum out of me. I've stopped counting the orgasms that he gives me. I used to keep count with previous partners and only when a blue pill was consumed would I get close to or a little over the double digits. With Daddy, he insists making me cum repeatedly till I cant stand (or literally pass out) as a point of privilege to him.

It was a taster of what life was like before lock down and I fucking loved every second of it. 

Being spanked so hard I yelp cause we don’t need to keep quiet. Having him use the flogger on me as I’m bound to the bed. Hearing the whoosh in the air seconds before I feel the leather strands connect with my skin. Having him make me cum till I scream and moan. My whole body shaking as the ripples of pleasure take over me, then the next orgasm being "forced" before I've recovered from he last one. 

It was magical. 

I moan when I cum. I cant help it and having to concentrate on my volume makes it hard to just let go completely. Yesterday though, I was so close to that magical sub space that I have coveted since the last time, so long ago, I could almost taste it - along with my juices on Daddy's cock as he throat fucked me.

I don’t know wither he because we have such an amazing connection or if it’s because I’m finally fully satisfied with my sex life but I can’t ever get enough of our play. I know its a mutual feeling as Daddy never seems to get enough of me. Even something as simple as making a coffee, he cant just leave me to get on with the task, he has to come kiss or touch me in some way. It makes me feel so wanted, like he covets me. Its such an ego boost having someone be so in love with you. Who values you so much. I feel sexy as fuck when i'm with him which allows me to really get adventurous and naughty with him.

I love our time together and that Daddy is able to manipulate my body to do so many wonderful things. And the fact that he gets so much sexual gratification from making me orgasm is just mind blowing. My man actually gets turned on making me cum. He gets off on getting me off ... how is that not a lotto win??

Don’t get it wrong though, even if Daddy wasn’t able to give me such mind-blowing sex, I would still love him unconditionally. He might think its bullshit but to me he is so amazing. He’s so hot and funny and has got the most amazingly kind heart. He knows when to control me in a dominating way but he is also able to control me when I start to spiral – and like last night, stop me working myself into a massive panic attack. I love Daddy with all my heart, body and soul. I’m very proudly owned and I don’t ever want that to change.

I just look forward to the future days where we have more alone time for him to really stretch his Dom legs again and able to push my tolerances. I miss submitting to him, wither willingly or through force.

Fuck I’m getting wet thinking about it.

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