For his viewing pleasure

I think I could count on both hands the number of videos I have made during my sex life pre-Daddy. I know that my ex once or twice made a video of us in the doggy position but that wasn’t cleared with me and only when I seen him using it as a masturbatory aid, did I know he took it. Whatever, I guess it didn’t bother me and it was kinda nice to know that I made the ranks of the many skinny blonde women he would usually watch – a far cry from my dark curvy self.

To me making a video seemed kinda silly, like I didn’t really get the point and when I had offered to make him a video he was so “meh” about it that I didn’t really bother. For him it was pictures of my ass he liked. Fair enough as he was an ass man. I would send him a thong pic every now and again which would sometimes be met with a complement and sometimes met with a solitary“thanks”. Even during sex there isn’t ever really a time I can remember that we played with ourselves in front of each other. We just kinda had sex.

With Daddy though, a self-professed voyeur, being watched has taken on a whole new context. Even something as simple as taking a shower when he is here, is somehow more erotic. On occasion he will peek round the curtain or out and out pull it back to watch. He observes every movement as I let the water run over my body. Watches my skin as I lather it up with my sponge. His eyes focused on me as I watch his face, seeing the lust build in his eyes and his bulge harden in his jeans. If I know he is there I get to enjoy his gaze, but he has also in the past been sneaky and watching me bathe without my knowing. While I get that some people might be like “oh fuck no”, for me its kinda hot knowing Daddy is watching me. Its only OK cause it is him, and because I know he is turned on, it makes me turned on. Win Win! 

During sex if I reach my hand down to touch myself as he’s penetrating me, I’ve watched him lean back to not only watch his cock slide in and out of me but he watches me touch myself. I can feel him get more excited and harder as he watches me. Making me cum and as my hands reach out to grip (I tend to do that as I cum) he will take over the rubbing to make me explode. Watching my eyes roll and my body shake as he, the puppet master, has complete control of me.

One of the things Daddy advised me at the beginning of our Dom/sub relationship was that he wanted to have a library of his Baby girl. He wanted videos of me in various positions doing various things – and I’m nothing if not a devoted baby girl. Knowing that he likes to watch, I have provided him with over 140 videos (so far) and I’m told that he watches them every day. Where in the past I had to compete with blonde, tanned gorgeously skinny women to make it into the spank bank – now I am the entire repertoire. I like to know that I am what Daddy desires. I’m the sub, and therefor here to give Daddy whatever he wants. The fact that he wants me just makes me feel like a goddess.

The very idea of letting him watch me terrifies my bestie. She takes the “but what if he uploads them or shares them” stance. She doesn’t get 20% of our dynamic though and the idea of taking a naughty pic makes her cringe, so I don’t expect her to get it. I like to perform for him, and he likes to watch me as his own personal porn star.

Its not exclusive to videos either. Him having a smoke while I lay across from him touching his property gets the reaction I want. Pure desire and watching me cum makes him so hard that he can’t help but join in when he’s done with his cigarette. Even if its just lying between my legs to watch his favourite toy twitch, contract and give him all my juices he demands, often for him to drink from.

It is so much fun.

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  1. That is a wonderful gift for him - the videos - his own personal porn star -wonderful!
    May x

    1. Its definitely a unique gift but then I have gifted him my submission too as he's so special to me xx

  2. It's definitely fun ... and arousing ... to have the added element of recording one's loving experiences. And I'm sure from your post that you'll be adding many more to that 140 total.
    And having lots of fun as well !!!
    Xxx - K

  3. I love this! The shower is probably my all time favourite place for naughty thoughts (including bed!) and the thought of either watching or being watched in the shower is really hot. I love that you have found someone who has made you the centre of their world too :)

  4. Lucky guy, so much video material to keep him amused and connected.

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