Nervous excitement

I am lying here, on my bed, with nervous excitement.

Daddy and I are going to take our first trip together and while I am looking forward to him meeting my family, there is also trepidation to him meeting my sister. She is a lot to handle at times and while Daddy likes the banter and to wind folk up, he runs the risk of setting her off and she is likely to blow – Especially as she is pregnant and hormonal to fuck.

I keep telling myself that there is nothing to worry about, He loves me and that wont make a difference because of her, but she has never got on with a partner of mine, EVER, which makes my life a lot harder when I am down there with them. I just want this first meeting to go well. It’s the first time he will properly get to meet my mammy too and I’m really looking forward to that.

Being long distance means that lots of the things we would have experienced as a couple already, have been delayed. Like our first time meeting each other’s family. I would have thought that since we were almost 8 months in, I would have met someone from his world, and while mine is in England, he has had a sit-down with the bestie and had a passing meet with my step dad. I know Covid has a lot to answer for but that can only go so far. This will be the first proper couple thing we will have together. Perhaps we will have our song by the year mark. I’m happy that I feel like we are getting a chance to progress as a couple. I love that.

Our trip will be over 2 nights, and both those nights Daddy and I will have access to a fully equipped dungeon which is making me giddy. I have seen this dungeon a few times but have never played in it. I have never experimented with anything in it as my previous partner was freaked out by even pinning me to the bed, so having me bound and gagged while I’m whipped would have blown his mind, and not in a good way. I am excited to get to try it out and I am really happy that it’s with Daddy. I trust him with my life and the idea of him being able to really let me experience his dominance and show him my submission makes my skin tingle. Though knowing how well stocked the dungeon is with whips, crops, hooks and toys, I would be stupid not to feel a little bit worried. While he says that I am forgiven for calling him an “ass-hole” and a “crazy bitch”, I know that my ass is going to pay the price for my transgressions.

I cannot wait!

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