Goodbye Mr J

I like to think i am a fair person. But if you are gonna treat me like a piece of shit then I'm sorry but there is the door and after listening to Mr J try and justify his behaviour the other day - That door is getting slammed in his face.

I'm not sure what to think but i know for a fact i done nothing wrong.

Even if i had. Even if i had stuck my tongue down big beards throat that night i was following his damn rules and nothing merited slapping me.

His "you said you like it rough" doesn't even come into this. That was not a scene. I might be new to BDSM but i know that EVERYTHING is discussed and agreed. No this was a pussy trying to excerpt control over me and that is not happening. If i ever find someone i wish to explore this lifestyle with then that control will be earned by showing me respect and that i can trust him. What Mr J did was straight up abusive and I'm not going there again!

My door is closed to him now.

Bye arsehole!

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