Enter Mr J

First dates.

Been a long long time since i had one and honestly they are kinda fun. Getting to know a person. Seeing if there is possibly something there. Its nice.

Till he realises i was being serious when i say i don't fuck on the 1st date ... then the mood does tend to change rather quick.

My go to is always a coffee house. Reason being i'm not stupid enough to tell a stranger where i live and then let him pick me up or bring me back in-case he turns psycho. That's online dating 101 and should always be followed in my personal opinion. Why risk it?

My first couple of dates all ended rather swiftly.

Being of the larger chested variety, men do have a tendency to turn into giant pervs around me. It's sadly something i am used to but it also is an instant turn off for me. Yes i get that they are gonna have a look at first but staring is annoying and telling me in quite graphic detail what you wanna do to them on our first date? Yeah that's gonna have me looking at my watch, wondering how long i can drink my coffee in and leave.

I think that's why i liked Mr J so much.

He was able to have a conversation and he was so funny that i pardoned the extra looks he gave the boobs when he thought i wasn't looking.

Our first date got off to a bumpy start though, with crossed wires about who was going to who and where we were meeting - Coffee instantly got changed to lunch. Fine, was still in a public place and i had talked to Mr J over the phone for a couple of weeks before we met in person so i felt i had a bit of an idea of who he was.

Lunch was nice - He paid which was a weird thing for me - every coffee date, i always ended up there early so bought my own coffee, so having a guy buy me lunch felt kinda sweet, even if he did question why i ordered the cheapest thing on the menu.

Talking about families, kids and work. It was nice to have another single parent that i could chat to. Especially one who was trying to navigate dating again. All in it was a lovely first date and he definitely gets a second.

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