Mind blowing

I’m horny. 

A statement of fact there for you all. It’s been a few weeks, and I’ve literally had sex once in 2021 so far and I need that scratch itched. 

It’s hard just now though, no pun intended, as I’m too far geographically from Daddy and let’s be honest with both of us in the grips of our respective pains, we can’t exactly throw down. 

I do like to think about us though, and we have a lot of us that makes me smile. Daddy and I have some mind-blowing sex and that’s what I wanna talk about. Mind blowing sex. 

When I told Daddy he was the best sex I ever had he didn’t believe me. At the time I knew better than to argue (since lockdown my bratty side is in full force and I’ll argue anything just to get any reaction) so I just let it go. But I was 100% truthful. Daddy is the best sex I have ever had and at times it has been mind-blowing. 

So let me tell you why. 

Sex is fun and if you have a partner who knows what they are doing it can be great. If you have a partner that indulges you on your needs, it’s awesome but if you have a partner that you connect with on a much deeper, vulnerable level, that’s where you get your mind blown. 

A few times now daddy and I have had that. 

Most of the time we dance around the great/awesome but on occasion we have reached top tier sex and I could really go another session like that again. Where we are both so into it that everything else falls away. That feeling of completeness and utter happiness. The intensity and pleasure you’re both experiencing, connecting you both physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s insane, raw and awesome. I’m completely myself without fear and importantly he is vulnerable with me. 

I had never had that before him. I had never felt that closeness with anyone and hopefully I’ll never have to wonder if I’ll find it with anyone again. I enjoy being myself with Daddy and even though I’m in a relationship, I feel free. I don’t have to put on airs and graces with him. I can just be my silly weird self. It’s nice and I like having him as my forever one. 

Now I just need to get my hands on him again so we can get our freak on.

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