Honorifics and Social media

I’ve been debating posting this as its possibly gonna piss people off which I’m not setting out to do, but at the same time it’s my blog which I started as a way to express thoughts and what not, so fuck it.

Today I wanna talk about honorifics and social media.
For those who might not know honorifics are the names given in a dynamic. I’m my case it’s “Daddy” and “baby girl”. Those are names that are specific to him and I. Now obviously there are other couples in the BDSM community who use those terms too, but not to us. I would never call another Dom “Daddy" and my Daddy would never call another sub “baby girl". They are names that only we can call each other.

Vanilla relationships have a semi similar thing too. I spent almost 6 years answering to “Boo" as that was the pet name my ex gave me. It was between us and no one else called me Boo. But in the kink world it's a bit more important. It's about respect. And as such it’s highly fucking disrespectful trying to force an honorific on someone or demand one be given to you without permission.

And that leads me to social media. There seems to be this influx of fake dom(me)s/subs and it’s like a fly in the room buzzing about, not getting the hint when you swat it away. I’ve had doms (intentional small d as that’s the energy they give) slide into my DMs after gathering from my twitter name “ScottishLassSub” that I am in fact a submissive. What they fail to see however is my pinned post which makes it glaringly obvious that Daddy has dibs.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother and just delete and block but when they open with things like ‘You will call me Daddy/Master/any variety there of’ – my inner brat gets bitchy. And when they start giving me orders, oh sweet Jesus, I get hella fuckety!

I have only one Dom. One Daddy who I will gladly submit to and he alone can boss me about. Even then if I’m in a bratty mood I make him work for it and that’s someone I love, care for and respect. If some fucktard tries to tell me what to do it’s not gonna end well, and if they try to piss on me to stake a claim like a dog, I’m gonna chop their balls off like one. You might be a dom but you are not my Dom, so fuck off.

I’ve found my way onto the NSFW tik tok which is playfully called “kink tok” and I love it. I’m able to connect with so many people in the community and share ideas and thoughts. It’s wonderful for an introvert like me. But recently though there have been some issues with my favourite community. Most of which surrounding consent.

There is a video circulating of what is in my opinion assault – the sub prior to the scene said they didn’t want an item used then mid scene the dom (again small d got small dick energy) brought the item in and used coercion to get consent. It’s horrible to watch and the girl involved has spoken about the video and it’s heart-breaking as a sub seeing her trust destroyed like that.

There are also a lot of male Doms posting and in the comments women (and some men) calling them “Daddy", “Master", “Sir" without permission. It’s disrespectful and even after these Doms have said DONT people are still ignoring them and think it’s all a bit of fun. I’ve seen the subs respond and that too is upsetting. One specific woman is getting so much shit because she has asked these other women not to call her Dom by their honorifics to the point she’s been reduced to tears. It’s sad and I get where she if coming from. If someone called my Dom “Daddy” even after being warned not to I’d tear her hair out. She’s fair game. She was warned. It’s disrespectful and it’s not OK.

But you know what else is not OK, and here is where I’m gonna annoy people ... Doms making videos telling viewers to drink their water, put the phone down and go to bed or be a good girl for them. Doms calling viewers a brat or warning them to wait till they get their hands on them ... and then later make a video telling the same viewers not to use an honorific.


You are contradicting the whole fucking argument when you do shit like that and your giving the vanilla peeps the wrong idea. You can’t play dom in your videos for clout then get angry that people are giving you an undeserved name in the next then go back to the thirst traps and bossing about in the 3rd. It doesn’t work. Pick a fucking lane.

I don’t respond to the orders given just like I don’t call these creators by anything other than their handle if I ever interact with them. Why? Because they aren’t my Dom! I know the rules but these vanilla peeps or baby subs don’t seem to know and when you keep chopping and changing you can’t reasonably expect them to wanna learn. And that’s assuming they have the mental capacity to learn. There are undoubtedly people on the app that are neurodiverse and they might not be able to comprehend the rules around honorifics. Not saying that’s why these people aren’t listening in the comments section, they could just be arseholes, but who knows.

I’m aware people should be allowed to post what they want within reason. And if you don’t like something you can just keep scrolling – I do this a lot thanks to euro 2021 but I digress. What you can’t do is post something then bitch about the reaction, and then go straight back to posting the same god damn thing. It’s illogical and you look like a cuntwaffle so gie it a bye!

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