Naughty Dictionary

While the world of BDSM can be quite intimidating - I find knowing the basic words (and abbreviations) can help make it seem a little less daunting. Below are a collection of definitions that I've discovered on my travels.

Dominant and submissive - Often referred to as Dom and sub or D/s. This is the foundation of any BDSM relationship. While it is possible to reverse the roles (See Switch), it is often played out as one person is the Dom to the other being a sub. There is a common misconception that a Dom's job is to inflict pain, this is not always the case and like with any other sexual experience, consent and boundaries should always be discussed.

DDlg - This references a type of D/s relationship, Known as Daddy Dom and little girl. While it is understandable why at first glance these may seem like troubling titles, there is nothing about this relationship that in any way resembles paedophilia. Instead it focuses on elements of care and attention as well as domination, not always present in other D/s situations.

CBT - No, not the type of therapy, in BDSM this stands for cock and ball torture. It can be performed in varying degrees, from chastity devices all the way to piercing and much more in between. I have very little knowledge in this area so check the link for more information.

Sadomasochism - This is often abbreviated to S&M and it encompasses both Sadism and Masochism. Sadism (or being a sadist) is the enjoyment of inflicting pain and/or humiliation in others. Masochism (or being a masochist) is the enjoyment of being humiliated and/or having pain inflicted on them. While it is usual that these activities involve a sexual element, it is not always the case. What is always present however is consent. Pain and humiliation are always discussed and agreed beforehand.

Bondage - The act of restraining someone. This is commonly done with things like cuffs, ropes, straps etc. Rope play is quite common in BDSM and can take the form of simple restraint or involve more artistic restraint, such as Kinbaku (Japanese bondage).

Switch - While a switch can be a reference to something used to spank, in this case I'm talking about a person who likes to switch between the roll of a Dom and a sub. 

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