Here's to the next decade

I'm getting frustrated as fuck! It's hogmany and I don't have Daddy here. It sucks so much which is wrong cause I should be the one sucking! I can't believe I'm gonna see in not only a new year but a new decade without a bang (literally). As much as I appreciate Daddy saying we will have many more new years to see in together, it doesn't make me feel better. I'm horny and frustrated and starting to feel angry. This is not a state I like to find myself in.

But I must try and keep my shit together for tomorrow is 2020. It feels more than just a new chapter. It feels like a whole new book.

So here's hoping that this decade is the best book you have ever written. May it be a better adventure than the Lord of the Rings, may it be more full of love than Pride and Prejudice and may it a fuck lot naughtier than 50 shades of grey.

Stay safe tonight, however you are celebtatinh and stay loved all you naughty people of the internet.

Happy new year.

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