One year older - None the wiser

Well its been an interesting week.

I have 2 more dates lined up for later this month but this week i got a message from a lovely man, bearded viking, who for some reason or another has my undivided attention. I cant quite put my finger on it but the way he talks and the things we discuss - I really like it. I've broken some of my own rules though - Bad girl!

I don't sext with random guys. Doesn't happen. Just like my no sex on the first date rule, I don't do that. No judgement to those who do but i like to keep some things for later - plus i can get to know the guy and he can get to know me, not just what he wants to do in the bedroom.

But with the viking - Before we even met the talk went naughty. And i don't care cause it was fun!

So when he asked for a date sooner rather than later, i decided to push him to the head of the que. Bit shitty of me i know but there is definitely something about him. And when i met him in person he was completely different to what i expected.

He walked into the coffee shop and as soon as i seen him i got goosebumps. When he sat down and started talking, i felt instantly relaxed. Like i had this tension i didn't know about but it was suddenly gone. I have no idea why but i just loved how he sounded. That broad Scottish accent - mmmmm.
And he was so respectful. Honestly when i have met guys before, i haven't discussed anything sexual at all with them. But the viking knows all my naughty little secrets and desires. This is a man who has been able to make me cum repeatedly just by talking to me, so i think at the back of my mind i though there would be this sexual overtone - but there wasn't. He was so polite and nice - only taking it naughty after i brought it up ... and damn i wish i didn't. He got me so exited just by stroking my hand and our first kiss? Holy fuck! I'm so glad i didn't bother shaving my legs that day or that last rule would have gone right out the window. Meant for an uncomfortable ride home for me though as my underwear was soaked - though the hour of solo play was definitely welcome. Thinking about him the whole time and wondering what a "professional Dom"could really do.

This past week also saw me level up a whole year. It was a bit of a sad event as there were plans in place from my previous relationship but screw it. I need a man, not a little bitch and this year I'm gonna make sure i have some fun. Instead i celebrated my birthday in my jammies, watching Daniel Sloss on netflix and having a drink to celebrate the fact i even got to age 32.

Some women turn funny when they reach their 30's but i love it. Cause my teens were so chaotic and my life kinda destructive that i hand on heart didn't think i would make it to my 25th let alone 32.

Nah, I'm cool celebrating alone ... Plus i have a bunny to keep me company - and i don't mean one that eats carrots.

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