Not all Doms are created equal

One of the reasons I decided to explore the BDSM community was my frustrations at the vanilla sex I had been having up until my last relationship ended.

Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed sex. I had orgasms and liked my sex life with my ex. In the same way that I like milk chocolate.  Yeah it does what it needs to but there is so so much more out there. Tying yourself to simple plain chocolate is a travesty when there is a whole sweet shop ready to be tasted.

And that's exactly how I felt after my first session with my bearded viking.

Even right back to before our first date there was something different about him. His attitude and the way he spoke. His mindset and the way he could light up my imagination, I just had to see what he was like in person.

That first date was so different to any of the others I had and we've spoke everyday since the first messages and i really struggled to behave during our first date - so when it came to arranging our second date, I just had to see what he was like in bed.

And it was AMAZING!

Previous experiences with guys claiming to be Doms were so so but this viking knew how to conquer and he owned me by the end of our session.

The first thing I noticed was he brought up what we had discussed previously in our chats. Safe words, will's and wont's, etc. He remembered all of it and before he even attempted anything, he wanted to make sure he had permission. Quick summery and off we went.

And holy fuck.

Feeling him dominate me gave me such a release. And he done it in a way that i didn't feel like i was being bossed about. I could just allow myself to get into the sub mindset and obey. I gave him the control of me and he knew exactly what i needed, even more than i did. Every time he touched me it was like my skin was tingling and every time I tasted his lips I became hungrier for more.

There is something powerful about that too. Yes there are probably women all over the world ready to lynch me for saying so but men are stronger than women. Its nature. They are the protectors and although he was dominating me and controlling what i did - There was also this level of protection there that i could just let go and let my body do what it wanted - which as it turns out was squirt all over the place and soak through blankets all the way to my mattress. Note to self - Towels might be a necessity if this is to become a regular thing cause he turned me on like a damn tap!

That first time was without a doubt the best sex I have ever had in my life! And even if I never see him again, I will forever be grateful to him for showing me all the wonderful things my body can really do.

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