69 sucks

It’s been a while kinky peeps. How you been?

I’ve not been doing so great tbh. Between the lockdown and the chronic pain life has been riding me and it didn’t even buy me dinner first. Dickhead!

I’ve decided though to use my covid forced celibacy to try and stream line my life a little ... including my blogging. Where before I would share both sex and mental health posts on here, I’ve decided to split the two. For my random musings on chronic and mental health, head over to my blog "Mentally (Ch)ill". All my naughty posts will stay here. Yay!

So, what can I talk about if its been 114 days since I got any (not that I’m counting)? Oh, so much. I’m horny pretty much all the time and lots of things will jump into my head.

For example, how shit is the 69 position?

I’m serious ... it's terrible! And let me tell you why. I love to suck my Daddy’s cock. I do. I get enjoyment from it. I’ve never been one of those women who reserve that shit for holidays or birthdays, fuck no. I’ve been lying in bed with Daddy watching TV and just decided to take out his cock and get sucking. It’s fun and I can make him moan which just adds to my excitement.

I also like to be eaten. If done right, it’s mind blowing, and my head (and eyes) will be rolling about and I’ll be twitching like I’ve been electrocuted. It’s awesome.

But who in their right mind thought adding the two would be a good idea? Me sat on his face while I take his dick in my mouth – it sounds sexy yeah but the logistics fail. My huge titties are crushing his abdomen and the more he feasts the less I can concentrate, I end up having to just stroke rather than choke cause as I’m cumming I can’t guarantee teeth placement – nah, it’s not fun.

And switch about the other way ... that doesn’t work for me either. I like a skull fuck as much as the next kinkster but there is an extra element of danger with him on top during 69 that does nothing for me. Regular skull fucking I still have some control. If I’m gonna be sick or pass out from lack of oxygen I can pull back a little. Even when we are playing rough and he’s in control, he is always watching to see any indicators that he needs to pull back. We kink responsibly here. But having his thick cock down my throat while his face is buried in muff mountain? Yeah, that’s a conversation with the GP I don’t think he’d like. “Cause of death – too much cock”. I mean it’s a good way to go I guess but I can promise you, I’m not wanting that to be my last blow job.

Nah, I prefer the regular take turns way ... plus by the time player 2 has had their turn, player 1 is usually ready to go again. Winning!

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